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How do you choose the right accounting software for your business?

All accounting software claims to be easy to use and as a business owner, that’s what you want to hear. But even the simplest system can result in a steep learning curve if you’ve never used it before. 


Time spent familiarising yourself with new software is time away from your core business and perhaps your loved ones. It also means you could risk making costly mistakes like missing BAS deadlines or making incorrect payments – all because the new software is harder to use than expected.

So how do you choose accounting software that’s a great fit for you and your business? Here are 3 questions you should always ask:

1. Does the software suit your business?

What works well for a retail business may not be effective for a builder. When selecting accounting software, you must be able to tailor reports so you can extract information that’s relevant for your business. Otherwise, you’ll waste time and money trying to adapt it. 

2. Are you running a project-driven business?

Does your business charge by the project? If so, you need the ability to review the profit and loss for each job so you can identify which ones are most profitable. Your business success depends on this so it’s vital your accounting software produces the data you need.

3. Do you understand how to stay on top of your numbers?

If you’re not sure what information to check each month, it’s harder to assess which software package is best for you. Why not talk to the team at Numeric Eight? We can help you identify the reports you need so you can manage your financial performance.

Is there an easier solution for managing your accounts?

Numeric Eight can advise you on the right accounting software for your business. We take a consultative approach to help you identify the best option. We also have the expertise to ensure there is a smooth transition from your current financial records to the new system.

But if you’re looking for a super easy alternative, ask our team to help you manage all of your bookkeeping. For more information, call us on 02 9437 1785 or email