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Why do some business people in creative industries thrive while others flounder?

What are the key ingredients that give some entrepreneurs an edge?

If you own a business you'll know the rollercoaster-ride feeling it gives you – the thrilling ups and the terrifying downs. In this book, Trudi identifies the six fundamental ingredients that create a thriving business and help you enjoy the ride.

…This beautifully writing book takes the reader on a unique touring and provides practical insights that will help any business of any size and shape. It blends the importance of being (and staying) creative with good solid business acumen.

This book is a testament to where passion, creativity and sound business skills can take you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Dr Brandon Gien
CEO, Good Design Australia
Senator, World Design Organisation
ADJ. Professor of Industrial Design, University of Canberra.


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