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Meet Trudi

Trudi Yip established her bookkeeping firm, Numeric Eight, in 2006, to combine her love of numbers with her passion for mentoring other small business owners. Prior to this, she ran a successful fashion business for 13 years and has a deep connection with entrepreneurs and leaders in the creative industries.

As a child, Trudi discovered the joy of business by counting potatoes in the markets before dawn. She learnt the hard way how much a business demands of its owner; they must have energy, persistence, discipline and passion. Yet it is also a lot of fun. You don’t need to have a secret ‘edge’ or a special gift for business. Everyone can achieve their business goals with the right approach.

Trudi lives in Sydney with her husband and two dogs. She still gets up before dawn sometimes to help her family business at the Sydney Markets before continuing her day at Numeric Eight.

If you would like to know more about Trudi’s bookkeeping company, Numeric Eight, please click here.


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