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They say you can't teach creativity. I totally disagree. I believe human beings are all creative.

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We were born that way and it's the one unique thing that separates us from any other species on this planet. Think about the first thing a baby or toddler does while armed with a paintbrush and a blank piece of paper - they create something out of nothing. As we grow older, for whatever reason, most of us lose our creativeness and fall into the trap of believing that we can't be creative. I passionately believe that everything we do in life is an 'object of creativity'.

This book is a brilliant case in point and highlights that even a bookkeeper can be creative - who would have thought...?!

This beautifully written book takes the reader on a unique journey and provides practical insights that will help any business of any size and shape. It blends the importance of being (and staying) creative with good solid business acumen.

For me, I believe having a burning passion for what you do is so vitally important and helps me jump out of bed each morning and do what I do. This brilliant book helped me take a step back from my own business and industry, reflect and sharpen my passion and creativity to be more business focused.

This book is a testament to where passion, creativity and sound business skills can take you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


CEO, Good Design Australia; Senator, World Design Organisation; Adj. Professor of Industrial Design, University of Canberra

Counting Potatoes is a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of experience of running successful businesses from a person who clearly understands what it takes to not only run a business but to enjoy it and thrive in it.

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It is an inspirational guide getting right down to the fundamental elements of running any successful business. What clearly comes through is Trudi's passion for business and her commitment to her assets - her employees.

Every person who is either looking to start a business or currently running a business would highly benefit from reading this powerhouse of knowledge of running a business. As a business owner, it's often easy to be isolated wondering what is the right thing to do or who to ask for help.

Counting Potatoes is an invaluable source of business knowledge and the next best thing to having a mentor.


Glen Ollerton 3
Director, Morrison Design Partnership Architects

Over the last 200 years Sydney Markets has been the starting point for many thousands of small business owners seeking to make their living in one of the most competitive market-places in the world.

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Trudi’s book gives you an insider’s look at what it takes to keep the fires burning in a business that’s lasted over 75 years.


Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Markets Limited

Don't just do what you have promised. Exceed it. Then repeat every time. 

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