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If You Do The Best For Your Clients, Why Don’t You Do The Best For Your Business?

We often speak to creative business owners who are struggling to survive. They have everything going for them – great customer service, high skill levels, passion, dedication and a strong work ethic. But their business fails to thrive because they neglect the backroom work such as having accurate accounts.

If you or your bookkeeper aren’t giving your business finances the same care and attention you give your clients, you will:

  • Make poor business decisions
  • Lose money through unpaid accounts
  • Lack cash flow by neglecting to promptly invoice completed work

When a new client joins the Numeric Eight family, they are often surprised by the significant errors we find in their accounts. Sorting through existing files and unearthing these mistakes is just one of the services we provide.

If it’s time to reduce the rubbish in your accounts, call us on 02 9437 1785.

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