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What are you doing to ensure long-term sweet success?

Have you ever noticed how some creative businesses seem to thrive while others flounder and struggle to keep afloat?

If you compare both businesses from the outside, it can be hard to see why they are achieving different results. Both owners may look talented and dedicated to their craft. But behind the scenes you’ll find the successful entrepreneur has 2 driving forces – passion and discipline.

The role of discipline in creative businesses

Self-discipline can be difficult for most people but it’s often considered more challenging for creatives because spontaneity can be an essential element of the creative process. But that doesn’t mean you should forego discipline.

One of the best ways to create good business habits and discipline is to have a clearly outlined process. When you follow a process, consistency and efficiency will always follow.

For creative businesses, this is critically important because it reassures clients you can deliver consistently excellent work. A process could be a series of questions to ask clients or a predictable workflow.

Savour the flavour of success

The next crucial component to achieving sweet business success is to set goals. Then visualise and imagine how you will feel when you achieve those goals. What will it mean to you, your family and your business?

But a word of warning, make sure your goals are realistic. Setting targets you can’t reach will make you desperate. When you’re desperate, it means you are focusing on your own needs before those of your clients.

The benefits of understanding business trends

The financial performance of your business (that’s the expenses and income generated) are important in helping you set achievable goals. For example, if you know how much time and money it takes to deliver a project, you can provide more accurate quotes and budgets.

Business is a journey so don’t travel alone

Finding the right mentor will keep you accountable and feeling positive, so choose this person wisely. You’ll need someone who thoroughly understands your business and will be there for the long-term.

Your bookkeeper could be a great business companion because s/he regularly sees your day-to-day accounts and what’s happening in your business.

The team of bookkeepers at Numeric Eight are available to guide you along your business journey. They can provide advice on your most troubling concerns and will help you understand your financial story as you set forth towards your goals. To start the conversation, call Numeric Eight on 02 9437 1785.

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