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Fun + open communication = a great team

When we enjoy our work, it’s easy to get up early and face the challenges of the day. As business owners and managers, we need to share our passion with our staff to ensure they also enjoy coming to work every day.

Team development days are a vital part of our office life. They are regular reminders for all the team that business is fun. It’s also a great way for individual team members to relax and truly start communicating with each other. It’s this time together that is instrumental in building a stronger, happier team who work well together.

It’s about your staff – not you!
Too often, business owners use team development days to “get on the same page”, boost productivity or increase sales. Anything that increases the skills and efficiency of your staff is useful but it won’t actively contribute to building a cohesive team.

At Numeric Eight, we invest in staff development but we also invest in fun activities and our team days are all about fun. In the past we have participated in cooking classes, treasure hunts, even visits to nail salons.

The purpose of these days is to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better. Back in the office, this translates into more open conversations and more trusting relationships between all team members and management.

The best team building activities are the ones your staff will value and readily engage in so put all those business issues aside when planning your team development days.

Open communication means being genuine
For Numeric Eight, the team days are essential tools in breaking down office barriers so we can begin to genuinely connect and converse with each other.

Open communication doesn’t mean saying whatever you are thinking. It’s about being respectful of the feelings of others and listening to what they are saying. In business, conversations are often focused upon getting your own point across rather than trying to understand the ideas or perspectives of another.

As a manager, it’s easy to fall into this trap in the belief you need to look like you know everything. But if you take the opportunity to listen and consult with your staff, you can tap into their experience and ideas which might provide the solutions you are seeking.

Building connections
Being successful in business is about building genuine connections with both customers and your staff. Being approachable, genuine and committed to really hearing what they have to say are central to developing these connections.

Organising fun team activities provides the opportunity to talk openly with each other so you and your staff can enjoy long-term, sticky relationships.

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