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The 6 key questions every business owner should ask

Trudi Yip would have to be one of Australian’s most enthusiastic business owners. She’s literally done it all her life yet she still maintains an infectious joy for the whole process. More than that, Trudi loves to see creative businesses thrive and uses her bookkeeping firm, Numeric Eight as the vehicle to help her clients.

After many years of watching talented creatives struggle to succeed in business, Trudi decided to investigate the common challenges they face and how to overcome them. The result is an entertaining book with the intriguing title Counting Potatoes – Transform your creative passion into business success. In it Trudi outlines the 6 key ingredients that are essential for business.

Trudi was recently interviewed about her book.

Bookkeeping and the creative space seem incongruent. What was the motivation for writing your book?

I believe owning a business can be fun, even euphoric but I also know it can be heartbreaking and soul-destroying. Over the years I have witnessed plenty of highly creative and talented business people succumb to the challenges of operating their own business. I wanted to understand why some of these businesses thrive while others struggle to survive. I wrote Counting Potatoes to share what I learned.

What are the key learnings you share in your book?

I have discovered being creative is not enough. You need to:

  • Replenish your energy
  • Connect to your greater purpose
  • Make a commitment
  • Cultivate a mindset of continual progress and discipline

When you bring these equally important components together, you will reignite the fire in your belly and deliver a winning formula every time.

Your book is broken up into 6 chapters and each one represents a different question. What are the 6 questions you believe every successful business owner should answer?

1. Why are you in business and where do you want to take it?
2. Do you understand the real problem your customers want you to solve?
3. What is the thing that keeps your customers coming back to you?
4. How well are you communicating with your customers, your team (if you have one) and your suppliers?
5. What do you do best as a leader and how do you bring out the best in others?
6. What are you doing to ensure long-term performance?

When you spend time answering these questions and considering the things that are holding you back, you will regain your energy and motivation. My book, Counting Potatoes, helps you work through these questions while providing real examples from either my own business experience or those of my clients and colleagues.

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To view excerpts from the book Counting Potatoes – Transform your creative passion into business success or to purchase a copy click here.  

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