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Could two-way communication be your best marketing strategy?

If I asked you how often you speak with your best clients, I’m sure your response would be something like:

  • All the time
  • Regularly
  • I always take their calls

But are you really talking to them or are you talking with them? The difference between these two phrases may appear subtle to you. But to your clients, the difference is enormous. It’s called two-way communication.

Frequent conversations ≠ Two-way communication
It’s easy to assume regular clients are happy with your service but unless you ask them, you will never know. 

You need courage to face poor client feedback. It can really hurt. But if you consider your clients’ honesty as a gift and demonstrate you are acting on their feedback, a new world of customer loyalty and openness will be revealed. In fact I believe two-way communication is the most powerful marketing tool we have.

Seek feedback regularly and consistently
While we may need to speak to each client about their accounts multiple times during the year, we still allocate time and resources to survey them. The purpose of these Quality Assurance Surveys is:
1. We want to check we are meeting our clients’ needs
2. We want to find better ways to tailor our services to fulfil their requirements
3. We want to know what we are doing wrong so we can correct it
4. We want to know what we are doing well so we can do it more often

New clients are surveyed 4 times in their first 18 months with Numeric Eight and then annually after that.

When a client tells us something isn’t working for them, we make changes and use this feedback as the inspiration for improving our processes. Sometimes our clients give us ideas on other services we could provide that will make their business lives easier.

It’s this dedication to regular contact with each client that helps us build close working relationships with them. It gives us the opportunity to learn what’s important to them. It also means they feel truly valued and important to us – which they are. After all, if we didn’t have clients, we wouldn’t have a business.

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